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Prologue for Trinidad Force - Warriors of God
The following excerpt from Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God, by John Humenik, is copyrighted © 2007 by John Humenik. All rights are reserved. Any or all of the following excerpt may not be duplicated in any format, online or offline, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Prologue From: Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God
by author John Humenik

The great battle of the Warriors of God versus the Warriors of Evil has raged across the centuries and over the millennias. Each side scoring great victory time after time, but neither side gaining an edge. The battle over man originated when Adam and Eve committed original sin, plunging all of mankind into darkness, temptation and destruction by Satan’s demonic powers.

Fortunately Satan’s authority on Earth has been limited to the extent that God allows him to operate. God gave everyone free will. We can choose to love or hate, worship or deny God. Satan will manipulate and lie with the truth. Satan tempts everyone to turn from the Lord God and His holy Son. Satan will try and distort the lives of all people, to bend to his will.

The Book of Revelation teaches and shows us the future of our society. A society polluting itself with drugs, sex, sin and evil. Interestingly enough, society has the most Christians in history. With that in mind, society can give people the greatest opportunity they can ever have: to become born again in Christ.

Being a born-again Christian means repenting of your sins, accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, and this also includes being re-born in the Spirit, in His Holy Spirit.

Revelation explains, in great symbolism, the future of our born-again (or saved) society along with the spiritually dead peoples. A great tribulation like never has occurred in our lifetime or ever will be upon us. People on Earth will go through great tests to see if they possess true love for God. They will experience great sorrow and death while celebrating the time of Jesus’ exaltation and final victory over evil.

In Daniel, the Archangel Gabriel declares seventy weeks, each week symbolizing seven years, for Israel to be purified and punished for their crimes and sins against God. The Beast Empires have enacted sixty-nine weeks of slaughtering, torturing and spiritual death on the Jews. These weeks have past, yet one remains. So the final chapter has yet to be written in stone, in our hearts and in our memories. A chapter like no other story can compare to and only in Revelation has this event captured.

Beast Empires. The past Beast Empires comprise the Egyptian Empire, that suppressed the Jews, who succumbed to the power God gave Moses. Followed by Assyrians, Babylonians, Medo-Persians, and the Greek Empire. The following scriptures, Revelation 17:3; 9-12, Daniel 2:31-43, Daniel 7:1-28 and Daniel 9:24-27, detail the various empires except for the first two, because they had already passed prior to the prophetic (forward thinking) writings.

The Roman Empire, during the time of Jesus and the Caesars, was the Sixth Beast Empire. The Romans killed thousands of Jews, ransacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple of the Lord. The Eighth Empire will be the final and most destructive, ruthless and merciless of them all!

Revelation describes the rise of the Antichrist and rule over the world. He will utilize the mark of the beast to suppress the people in order to receive food and water.

It will be a time that, if it continues for the full seven years, no follower of God would be left alive.

If Revelation was written circa 100 AD and the Eighth Beast Empire will be coming, what happened to the Seventh, or a better question who were they? Also it states in Revelation that the Antichrist will be resurrected, he led one the previous Beast Empires and all the peoples of Earth will recognize him when he returns and worship him.

Adding to more fuel to the apocalyptic fire, what if those seven years starts early and the Antichrist can complete them? This Dark Phalanx (Antichrist, Satan and the False Prophet) will rule the world. Suppose Jesus wouldn’t stop him with His mighty war-angels because of the premature attack. Then we’d all surely die.

Fortunately God isn’t so easily defeated, but rather than sending His Son and the angels early, He sends Trinidad Force, three men with extraordinary powers. God empowers them and commands them to wage an apocalyptic war against the Antichrist and his final Beast army.