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Trinidad Force - Warriors of God
Trinidad Force Trinidad Force - Warriors of God is the first book in an epic series that follows the story of John, a dying child who's saved by the healing touch of his cousin Jesus, who develops powers as he matures that enable him to fight both tyrant armies and demons.

Overwhelmed by his new abilities, John learns that possessing great authority and using it are two completely different things. Failing to use his gifts and burdened with his duty, he encounters difficult decisions that he’s not mentally ready to bear while his powers rapidly continue to mature.

Over time, John accepts his new fate and takes on the persona that will begin to ravage and decimate his enemies. The Warrior cuts a swath of destruction in the ranks of darkness that captures the attention of his vilest enemy, Lucifer. As Satan takes the fight to John, the Prince of Darkness realizes not only John can’t be stopped, he might be the master assassin’s next target.

John's FIRE! Discover more about the Apocalyptic Warriors of God

Want to understand on how the Warriors and their adversaries came to be? Discover how the Beast Empires of old have paved the road for the incoming onslaught. How it started with the Egyptians and Moses, up through the Romans in Christ’s time.

Where the Book of Revelation vividly captures the story and brings it to life. Blessed Flaming Sword All of this information and more is captured in the Prologue.

What about the characters that make up the forces of good, the background story on the legendary Juggernaut, the amazing leader Marcus or the ultra-powerful Bladed One? Head over to the Author Forward that describes how these characters came to be and their mission to stop the Final Beast Empire before it consumes the Earth!