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Trinidad Force - Warriors of God (Chapter 1)
The following excerpt from Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God, by John Humenik, is copyrighted © 2007 by John Humenik. All rights are reserved. Any or all of the following excerpt may not be duplicated in any format, online or offline, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

An Excerpt From: Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God
by author John Humenik

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It is 5:54 AM. The brilliance of the sun begins to streak across the crystal blue sky. The orange and yellow hues brighten the new day overlooking the sparkling desert sand. The sun warms the fields and melts the morning dew. Plants rise from their resting place. The flowers reopen and awaken from their slumber. They turn and look at the fresh radiance enlightening their presence. But they are not looking at the magnificent sun, rather the Son that ignites the region.

A silhouette forms in the distance overshadowing the morning star. The radiance of the sun begins to diminish more and more as the man continues forward. The morning star rises higher from its slumber to venerate the man.

All the nearby animals relax and look to the ground. A gentle peace descends upon them. They are humbled and pay homage. The man continues to walk peacefully. A calming affect is felt throughout the region.

“John, oh John! Please God help us!” the young boy’s mother screams for help. “Come quickly! John’s nose is bleeding profusely and he is coughing up blood!” The young boy’s father rushes into the room and sees a horrifying scene. The boy’s mother is wearing a white dress stained in blood from head to toe. The father immediately takes off his tan shirt and begins to clean the mother’s face.

The sunlight begins to peer through the eastward facing window. The light engulfs the room further exposing the traumatic scene. As the boy rests in bed, his sheets are dripping and soaking the darkened dirt floor. “He had another accident in bed. He’s too weak to get up…anymore.” weeps the mother. The boy’s father looks at his son. The man’s eyes are black, but as the light streaks into the room, his eyes lighten to a soft brown. His face is illuminated, but he is not looking eastward.

“Mother, I know that we have waited…” He chokes back the tears and falls to his knees. He grips his weeping wife trying to console her. He continues and repeatedly wipes back the tears from her face. She moans and wails.

The little boy turns around and says, “Momma don’t cry, we have a guest.” The father and mother look and leap to their feet. As quickly as the panic arrived, it leaves. The man walks up to the parents and holds them close to his heart. In that moment, everything changed forever. The parents’ grief immediately turned to joy. The stained clothing and sheets are now clean as snow. The man lets go of the parents and turns to the boy.

During a time of hardship and oppression, a Savior visited the Israelites. He healed the sick and cured the deaf. He saved the rich and exalted the poor. Thousands witnessed His powers yet only a select few truly knew Him.

A time came to pass when this great man, known as Jesus of Nazareth, starts the beginning. It is a new beginning, a time that fills the air with a new hope and grace. Empowered as the Living God, Jesus did not come to destroy the law, He came to fulfill it. He conquered death on the cross and is alive today, risen from the dead! The Scriptures foretold of His time thousands of years in advance.

Yet something has been left out – a story whose future only the Godhead knows.

The Godhead comprises The Lord God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. In heaven and on Earth, the Godhead is the Holy Order, the Holy Trinity. Blessed and perfect, unblemished always faithful, always true. They possess limitless patience, boundless understanding and overflowing love. The Holy Trinity is perfection in the truest and most pure form.

The mightiest of angels, the Archangels serve the Holy Trinity. Led by the Archangel Michael, the angels worship and are servants of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The remaining angels in Heaven, hierarchically speaking, rank below Michael. But new servants are coming, something is going to change. A new story is being written.

The first of this story was once alive, but passed onward to glory. He will return someday to serve God not only in heaven, but also on Earth. The second was born prior to Christ’s ministry. The third will be born near the end of time. He will be the one who would not see the evil until the time is right to lead.

When He walked the earth, Jesus fulfilled the prophetic scriptures down to the very letter “t”. But just prior to His ascent into the public eye, He comes across a sick boy.

The mother of the child knew not of the Messiah’s powers, but had called all of the boy’s relatives to his funeral. This very young child, sick with a disease the doctors had never seen, was surely about to die. By the time the letters reached the distant relatives and they traveled to him, the doctors predicted the boy would die.

Jesus was not given a notice. A letter came his way, but he had already left, knowing and about to act. For you see, the young boy was a near cousin. The Lord’s Son knew the time had come and started the trek to the boy’s home. Jesus arrived before other relatives reached the house.

Jesus kneels before the boy. The parents are not aware they have been cleansed both physically and spiritually. They have led faithful and true lives. They prayed and fasted as John’s condition worsened. Never faltering, never doubting that God would deliver their son into His bosom.

The master of universe says to John, “Good morning little one. It is a beautiful sunny day!” John interrupts Christ, “Yes, the sun warms the room, but you warm the heart!”

Jesus smiles and responds, “You talk like you are older, wiser than your age.” “Jesus, you are my friend and very knowledgeable about the Lord. Tell me about the Father and His Kingdom in heaven.” The parents begin to weep because they sense their son has resigned himself to death. It appears John wants something to look forward to person.

Jesus replies, “The Father is the center of all that lives. His presence ignites the day where there is no night. Heaven has rivers of water, clearer and more spectacular than crystal. There are roads that run through the most immaculate fields. Those fields are filled with overflowing flowers and scents that speak of praises and adulation for God. Heaven’s sky accents the rivers and fields forming a perfect sculpture etched by God.”

John sinks into his bed, “That is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it.” The parents fall to the ground too weak to stand. But Jesus stands up as the parents crawl to John. John begins to cry as his parents hold him tightly to their chests.

Jesus sits down at the head of the bed. He tells the young boy, “John, heaven is a place filled with faithful people and happiness. Today, heaven is not alone.” Immediately, John’s blood stained face clears. His parents leap back as they see his skin tone and his muscles returning. Jesus fills his body and spirit with the purest of energy, igniting a fire within that the boy has never experienced. His hands open wide as his veins expand. His vision focuses and his eyes see clearly once again.

The parents run over to John and praise God for saving their boy. On the boy’s deathbed, Jesus Christ came to his side and healed the toddler. At that moment, Jesus professed that evil would never again be in a position to kill him, nor would the aging process harm his body. The parents were amazed at the feat and went away screaming praises to Jehovah.

Jesus immediately interrupted their celebration telling the parents not to discuss what had just occurred. His ministry wasn’t to start that day, for the time was not yet ripe. Instead He told them, “When the relatives of the boy arrive, profess that God healed him and that young John has recovered completely.”

Jesus continued. “Furthermore, I commission you as his parents to teach him that he has a great mission before him. As he grows older, he will hunger for the destruction and complete eradication of evil. Do not curb that thirst. He will fill countless graves with the servants of the Devil. He will slaughter and plunder the evil like no servant before or after him.”

There was yet more. Jesus said, “Please understand that I now bless him with the special gift to see the true heart of a man. He can see the pure malevolence in a human’s core and must eradicate it when it threatens My people. If he refrains from slaying the darkness, My people will suffer and die because of it. He will come to know when a person is a faithful follower of God, lukewarm or a relentless follower of Satan.

“Understand this, he will not take life because I command him to do so. He will act on his own accord to prevent the further spread of evil. Some will think he is mad with blood lust and insanity, but instead he is of My flock keeping the spread of evil in check. As surely as I stand before you here today, he will truly know the right from the wrong in a man’s heart. No man from this day forward will ever have this power, though some will say so, but they are mad.”

The parents understood and vowed to do the things Jesus told them.

Circa 33 AD. Jesus carried the cross up to Calvary. His back dripped blood from the lashes He received at the command of Pilate. His legs were weak and His knees scraped from the falls. He barely made it to the top of the hill. The guards thrust him to the ground and kicked him violently and beat him without mercy. The young Warrior John and his family hid by the Roman citadel that overlooked the scene. John, still young, began to weep at the sight.

His father Samuel says, “Do not fret John and do not worry. This is why our Lord has come to us. This is His day of glorification and our salvation!” John was too young to understand. The frail little boy didn’t care. All he wanted was to save his cousin. He pushed his father down and says, “I will save Him!”

Samuel and his mother Maureen, John's grandmother, screamed for him to stop. He ignored their plea and ran down the hill, but tripped over the rocks. He tumbled head over foot to the bottom of the hill.

A Roman centurion came up to the boy to stop him, but the young Warrior ran underneath and between his legs. He yelled at the little boy, but John’s desire would not cease. More soldiers joined the chase but got a rude awakening. As one of them tried to grab the Warrior, he leapt into the air and blasted him in the helmet with a thundering kick. The blow shook like thunder and startled the Romans.

The parents watched the situation grow for the worse. The soldiers were no longer looking to stop the youth, but to kill him. John began to feel the hatred in their hearts towards him. He grew afraid and retreated from the scene.

He ran with great speed for a youth, but was quickly tackled from behind by one of the soldiers. They began to beat the boy as he screamed and crawled around the corner of a building. His father heard the cries and ran down the hill to save his son, but stopped when he saw the battalion fleeing. He didn’t understand, but saw his boy running from the opposite side of the building.

The Apostle Peter approached them and pulled the family away. They moved away from the place as John looked back to Jesus as they were nailing Him to the cross.

He felt the pain Jesus felt, but the Lord Jesus told him, “Do not cry my brother, for this was foretold by the Prophets of yesterday. You will see Me return again soon and you will stand before Me during those last days prior to My Final Return! Rejoice in this death for it will only last three days!”

John felt better and ran from the scene.

After the execution was complete and the powerful aftershocks were felt throughout the region, they returned home. Samuel pulled the little boy aside from his mother and said, “John, what were you thinking? You could’ve been hurt by those soldiers. We told you that Jesus came to save us and that His passing must come to be for us to be truly saved.”

“I’m sorry Ba-Ba. I love Jesus so much. I couldn’t stand around and let them kill Him. I felt the pain He was feeling and couldn’t stand it any more. I still don’t know why those soldiers fled from me. They had me cornered.”

A powerful explosion interrupted the conversation as the incomparable Archangel Michael stepped forth! Though Samuel was very afraid, John was just as calm. John playfully said, “Hi Mike!”

Michael knelt before the boy and said to him, “Young Warrior, you are stubborn one aren’t you? I told you to stay put when you were to see Jesus in great pain. You must keep your passion in check.”

“I wanted to save Him. I didn’t want Him to suffer at all!” He began to shed tears as he remembered the suffering of his cousin and dear friend.

The little boy felt all the cracks of the whip, the falls, the hunger and pain Jesus felt. Then he stopped when he remembered the love Jesus showed to everyone. Through it all He had still loved the soldiers that pounded the nails and the ones who spit and mocked Him.

Michael said, “I feel your pain, little one, but you must learn when to move and when to stay silent.” The powerful Archangel stood up. Samuel fell to the ground in great fear. Michael walked over and extended his hand to the man. Though shivering in fear, he slowly reached for the hand of the angel. He grabbed it as Michael helped him to his feet.

He said to the father, “This boy is already developing the powers Jesus spoke of when He healed him. He read the heart of our Lord during the entire event and knew exactly what was happening. Teach him and encourage him. He still has a long way to go, but he will be awesome when he reaches maturity.”

The father acknowledged the angel’s message and turned to find John. When he didn’t see the boy he turned back to the Archangel. He was gone also. He walked around the house to the back and saw the little boy playing in the mud with the pigs, rolling around in the dirt and snorting like them. He laughed and left the boy alone to his muddy brothers.

Three days passed and John began to walk in the fields nearly Calvary. He wept for his friend Jesus and missed him dearly. His father and mother were near to John keeping him in sight, but not too close to restrict his movement. As the sun began to rise, John began to smell the aroma of flowers surrounding the area.

He stops. Looks around, he sees no flowers.

He blinks his eyes and shakes his head. It is still early spring, but flowers can bloom at this time. He comes up to the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. He stands on a rock that gives him a view slightly above his family. Samuel and Maureen can’t even bear to look at the tomb. They have tears streaming down their faces. But move quietly as to not disturb the guards nearby. They pass the tomb none the wiser.

After they make their way from Calvary and further into the city, John feels a great rush of joy. His eyes light up from yellow to white. He falls to his knees and begins to pray. His parents are ahead of him and don’t see the miracle occurring. John knows something has happened, but doesn’t learn later that he felt the Resurrection of the Christ!

John sees with eyes that he doesn’t have. A vision of the tomb appears in his mind as if he is standing right in front of the stone. The area surrounding the tomb brightens and beams with the Glory of God. Suddenly light from within the tomb begins to creep through the cracks. The light increases in intensity and size. He can sense a great and awesome presence.

All of a sudden! The rock that covered the tomb is jettisoned away! A light beaming brighter than the sun explodes and washes out the scene. Yet John doesn’t need to flinch, because this light allows him to see. As before a silhouette appears with a familiar figure. It comes closer and closer. John’s anticipation and impatience drives him wild. Just as he is about to recognize the figure his vision abruptly stops.

John freaks out! He screams and runs back to the tomb. His parents see him flee, but have no chance to keep up. Before they can even start running after him, he’s gone from their view. Samuel yells for him, but stops when he feels a presence warming his heart. He knows John will be back.

John reaches the tomb and the stone is pushed away. The soldiers still asleep and Christ has risen! He tries to pear into the tomb, but is overcome with fear to go inside. He is speechless and leaves. He tells his parents what he has seen and they are amazed. Shortly, they learn of the resurrection through the disciples. At that very moment they are saved and believe that Christ is Lord!

Months passed, and John wrestled with the energies flowing through him. He felt so much love for all those around him, good and bad. He remembered the teachings of Jesus and remembered the Golden Rule the most, “Love thy neighbor as thyself. Also love thy enemy as thyself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He walked out onto the farm and joined his friends playing in the field.

They continued to play into the night, as his energy seemed to never end. When the boys returned home, John started to work in the field. He picked up the light plow his father made for him and began work.

He was quite loud in his efforts and his father came out.

He said, “John, come here. It is time for rest.”

“But Ba-Ba! I need not rest! I am full of energy. I want to work!”

Samuel said, “Proceed then, but do not stay up late. Your mother will worry if you remain out for long.”

John worked with great energy for a time, but as the night wore on he returned home. He slipped into bed around midnight and immediately rose at the crack of dawn. He ate like a buffalo, consuming great quantities of sustenance. If it hadn’t been for his efforts in the field, the family would have been hard pressed to feed him and his little baby sister.

After he was done eating he ran into the field and worked. His father is amazed at his energy, but pushed him to grow. The little one rested only for worship, baths, food and playing with his friends.

He grew up into his early teens when a terrible day came. Satan, the lord of lies and darkness, caught wind of this powerful boy. He approached his own son who was near a pack of hungry wolves.

Satan came to the feet of his very demonic son. He said, “My Prodigal Son, I am…”

“Father, I know your thoughts and I desire to please your hatreds. The boy who is of Jesus’ Blood is growing in ferocious power. You are made aware of his ascension and wish to devour his loins. He shows flashes of power, but is still a very weak baby. Command these wolves and they will seek out and bring back your spoils in predigested pieces. Even if these canines fail, we will gather much needed data on the Jew.”

Satan smiled and agreed to the proposition.

During a sunny and blistering morning, John walked out into the farm. He saw his friends and grew happy at their presence, but sensed danger. The reason soon became apparent. A pack of huge wolves had chased them looking for a tasty meal. He immediately entered the situation, charging the wolves. The boys screamed at him, and told him to run. He grew afraid when he saw the intimidating size of the pack members.

He ran into his home as his friends scampered in. They all just made it before the first wolf entered the home. John ran back to his parents to tell them not to leave, but his mother with his little sister had gone for a walk. He father still rested in bed.

He ran back to his friends. Without asking them, he knew the wolves were gone. He felt his mother and baby sister in dismay. He charged out of the home and found the wolves surrounding his mother. He screamed at the wolves, but they did not abstain.

His mother screamed at him to go home, but the boy understood the full scope of the situation better than his mother. He picked up a pitchfork and tried to scare the wolves away, but one attacked the weapon and broke it without much effort. John grew very afraid and the wolves sensed his fear. They charged from their defensive position and pounced on the boy.

He screamed when they knocked him to the ground. They tore at his flesh with their teeth, but his body repaired the wounds before they became serious. He still felt the pain, but he distracted the wolves enough for his mother and sister to return safely home.

Sarah screamed for her husband Samuel to come down. He woke and rushed downstairs. Sarah told him that John was outside with a pack of wolves. He rushed out to help his son, grabbing a safve, a great Middle Eastern sword.

Samuel attacked the wolves, lashing out at the animals and cutting some of them down. They backed off and Samuel grabbed his son. John said, “Don’t hurt them! Don’t hurt them! They’re only looking for food.”

They returned safely to their home and boarded up the door. The wolves remained outside waiting for them to exit the house.

Samuel puts the boy down. “John! Are you well?” He searched the boy and found no wounds. He was amazed at the sight and they all praised God.

As the afternoon passed, the wolves remained. Samuel grew impatient and left the home to finish them off. John tried to hold him back. “Ba-Ba, no. Do not hurt them!”

Samuel stopped and said to the lad, “John, you must understand that even I can tell these are wolves are not of our friends.”

“But Jesus told us to love our enemies! Don’t kill ‘em!”

“Yes, you are right, our Lord told us to love our enemies. These cannot be normal animals, but of Satan’s brood. Jesus told us to teach you the difference…”

“But I can tell! These wolves are not here to hurt us!” Satan set up the wolves’ hearts and thought process to fool the lad.

He shoved his father aside like a baby. Samuel was amazed at the boy’s strength as he charged out to them. The wolves approached him with gentleness this time. They licked his hand and he played with them. The others looked at the sight with wonder in their eyes. Sarah stepped forward with John’s sister, Theola. The little girl whined and the mother put her down. She ran over to the pack, trying to play with them.

The wolves, playing possum, knocked the boy down and attacked the girl. Samuel saw the attack and ran out to stop it, but it was too late. The first wolf leapt and locked his mighty jaw upon the little one’s neck.

It tore the girl’s throat out before she could let out a scream. The mother fell to the ground as Samuel fell to his knees. He gathered himself and took Sarah inside against her will. They both cried as they expected John to be next.

John saw and felt the horror that he allowed to pass. He remembered what his father taught him that Jesus told them, “You must act on your ability to read the heart of darkness to prevent the further spread of evil. By doing so you are protecting God’s flock by keeping the spread of evil in check.”

He fell to the ground. He collapsed, feeling that he had failed.

The wolves gripped the little girl’s body, trying to tear it to pieces. John rolled over with tears in his eyes and, as he saw this, he understood what he had to do. He stood up, wiping the tears away, and ran over to one of the wolves and grabbed its tail. He yanked on it hard and the animal flew away. Seeing that the others are relentless in their tasks, he exploited them with devastating blows to the back of their skulls. He killed them with ease.

Soon they had all fallen by the hand of the Warrior. He picked up his little sister, but fell to the ground, his heart too heavy for him to proceed.

He wailed to Heaven with great faith in Jesus. He held her up high as Jesus answered the call. Christ commanded the girl to be healed. John saw the blood vessels and muscles returning. Flesh and skin covered her throat. John felt another sensation coming from Heaven and as it passed, the girl was alive again!

He felt the power of God entering his body and arose. He charged to the home, but stopped before entering. He turned around and saw that the wolves were all alive, fully recovered from the dead. He understood then why Jesus said what He said.

From this point on, he understood that he must not allow evil to go unchecked. Following through with this, of course, would be a different story.

His eyes filled with fire and zeal for justice as he looked at the wolves. He set his sister down and she ran into the house. Screaming with all the authority in his lungs, he strode up to them with great purpose.

Samuel threw the safve at the boy and said, “It is your time now!”

John looked at the sword and, in that brief moment, saw a reflection of himself in the future. What he saw was not a frail weak body that he possessed now, but instead a great Warrior in size, power and love.

The blade sparkled in the sun and he attacked! The wolves charged him with blood lusting in their hearts. John ran so fast at them he stumbled before reaching them. He tossed the sword away to prevent it from impaling him. The wolves pounced on their prey. But were met with strength they had never experienced.

John struggled with the animals for hours on top of hours. The wolves grew weary, as he seemed to grow stronger. As the night passed, the wolves retreated without a victory in their bellies. John returned to his house and escorted his friends back to their home. Rather than sleep that night, he worked till the following evening to make up the lost work in the field.

Satan came upon the wailing pack. They have retreated from the fight and cowered in fear at the Lord of Darkness and his son.

Lucifer spoke to them, “What knowledge did you garner during your battle?”

The wolves remained silent. No answer. Satan snarled at them. They screamed and wailed for mercy. Antichrist grew impatient at the sight and pounced upon the former predators. Satan joined in and they devoured the pack alive. They would have to wait for another confrontation to garner their required reconnaissance.

60 AD. As time passed, John physically aged to 33, but grew no older in the physical realm. His gifts grew with every experience. As the life expectancy was short, his sister passed onto glory, as did all his friends. Amazingly, Jesus blessed his parents to remain so they could continue their teachings. Though his sister was saved back on that fateful day against the wolves, John would later lose two of his friends because the lesson was not fully engrained in his mind.

He wrestled with his power and refused to listen to his parents and to his mission. He fought back saying that he could not be the man Jesus called to these great tasks. Though more of his friends were lost and time and time again he had seen the Archangel Michael, he refused to budge.

Samuel and John argued.

“Father! I don’t want to be this person who is called to great things! I want to farm and start a family. I am growing old and haven’t married or even courted a woman. I feel that I have failed our family by not continuing our name for another generation!”

“John, it is not your calling to keep the family name for another generation. My brother Elijah has four sons who have sired him a total of twelve boys and your sister has given you two nephews. They will continue it. You are to do something greater.”

“But I don’t want to partake in something greater!” He stormed out of the house. A strong rainfall began to hit the region. Samuel walked out into the rain.

John sat next to a donkey and refuses to move. He is still a frail and short man well past puberty. “Father, I do not choose to walk through the door that is open. You have seen the light and it grows within me. Alas, I feel the burden and weight of my brothers, Gideon and Daniel, who died because I didn’t stop the evil that pursued them. I felt love for it and compassion for the evil, so I let it pass.

“And because of that action, my two close friends died. How can I carry that burden for the rest of my life?! Look at me! I’m shorter than you! I’m smaller than my mother! How can I wage a battle against evil that will rival no one before or after me?!”

His height is set at 2.94 long cubits and his weight at 1.33 Old Testament talents, which translates to five feet tall and approximately one hundred pounds. He is smaller than the average of his day.

John continues, “Look at this donkey! He is greater than I! He has plowed your fields longer than I have been alive! He is more faithful and useful than I.” He buried his head in his hands. The grief and burdens have kept him from attaining the goals that he had set for himself.

Samuel put his arm around his beloved son. “John, you have not failed in the sight of Jesus. You know as well as I do that you were truly unable to prevent Gideon and Daniel from dying. You fought with everything you had! Evil was given authority over them those two days.”

John understood the truth, but couldn’t accept it. He blamed himself for everything and kept his shortcomings from becoming his strengths.

“Son, we are human. Because we are human, we make mistakes. Yet those mistakes allow us to grow in Jesus. We learn from each other and excel to do greater tasks in the sight of our Lord.”

John answered, “Good deeds don’t get anyone into Heaven. Only believing that Jesus is Lord and our personal Savior does!”

Samuel continued, “Why then do you allow these occurrences in your past to haunt you? You are allowing Satan to keep you burdened and distracted with intentions and desires that not of God. You will never have a woman or a family. You will never be able to return to save your friends. You must accept this. Grow from this and move on.”

“No! I want a family! My friends’ deaths are my responsibility! How can forget this and move on?! My heart will never let me forget these terrible shortcomings.” He stormed off into the fields and Samuel prayed to God to intervene.

John trekked off into the desert for days on end, sleeping during the day in the shade to keep from the heat and traveling in the darkness. He came upon no one during the first week of his travel. He came upon a great city south of Israel. He was not aware of its existence before, but upon arrival entered through the large front gate. The walls of the city were massive and rivaled that of Jerusalem. The booths that the merchants manned contained nearly every product known to man.

John begins to walk into the town. He sees possessions that he has never seen, the likes of, before. Other stalls contain fruits and vegetables from all over the world. There is even some food, that John noticed, that took a bit longer to get there than they should.

He continues forward and sees merchants trading all kinds of animals. John sees chickens, goats, lambs, oxen, camels and many more animals everywhere. Large independent buildings line the streets. Their concrete like finish, with sand colored stains, accents the marketplace. The bright sun deadens the color of the building wiping clean the vivid colors that once graced them.

John notices the large white-gray stone road. The road is almost perfectly flat and it runs through the heart of the city. It is still under construction, but he is amazed at the site. Moving further into the city, he begins to notice the local and visiting women shopping and frolicking around the town. He begins to desire for them, but his heart leads him to another path.

He continued into the bowels of the town, and notices a curious underground passage. Temptation drives him to enter.

The cave has been dug into a hardened sand dune and descends deep into the ground. The ceiling and walls are dripping with disdain and hatred. It is especially darkened with grief and pain. Poisoned steps are etched with claw marks that follow the cave down to the bottom.

He reaches the basement and hears the sounds of the suffering in the tunnel before him. He runs down the passageway and the sound of laughter fills the hallways. All the rats and small animals ignore the approach of the feeble man. He comes to an opening overlooking a ritual.

He slowly enters the scene, looking about the place. A crying woman is tied to a table covered in a white linen cloth. The cloth is brutally stained with blood running down the sides.

A man stands over her with a demonic knife. The knife is curved and stained with many sacrificial lambs. Surrounding them are countless candles and fires. Everyone is dressed in black wraps with red accents and continuing to laugh. John smells the scent of evil beginning to fill the place.

A demon that has possessed a statue overlooking the entrance searched his heart. Realizing John’s desires, it began to tempt him. He continued to learn more about the man.

A great fire burst in John’s heart, but he tried to push it back. He left the place and trekked further into the cave. He heard a great scream from behind him and realized that he could not proceed any further. He returned to see the woman. He feared that she was dead, but it appears that only her wrist was badly cut. As blood slowly dripped from her arm, he knew from past experience that the cut was not grave.

He fought the temptations within himself to move on. A nearby demon burned John’s heart with zeal and love for the woman. Looking over at her again, he gazed into her eyes and sensed love coming from her. He desired her, but did not move forward. He knew that working good through evil, would not accomplish God’s work. Good could only be done when the intentions were positive. He fought the desires of the flesh for this woman, but remained still. He retreated again into the tunnel and felt a great power emerging.

Beginning to accept his calling, he prayed: “Oh great and awesome Jesus! I have abstained from Your plight for so long, I feel that in those times past I have failed You. I have prayed for years that You call another, but You refuse my request and support me forward.

I feel the sufferings and pains of others and wish to whisk it all away, but I am afraid to fail You.

I cannot believe that I am capable of accomplishing all the tasks You have set before me. Look at me! I am a frail man, barely capable now of pulling a small yoke! Even the baby calves can do it with ease!

“I am nothing compared to You, but nevertheless I will deliver myself into your hands. Help me find myself. Help me find Your loving grace and salvation. Help me become what You have always expected me to be! I pray this through Your name. Amen!”

John waited a moment, but nothing happened. The demon got through to John and he realized the screams that are coming from the room needed to be stopped. He ran into the room and leapt from the upper level. The people saw that this intruder was a Jew and attempted to stop him. He squirted his way through the people en route to the altar. He grabbed the knife. The leader commanded the people not to proceed against him. He struggled, but eventually cut the ropes from their captive and helped the woman to her feet.

Soon a large contingent of guards rushed in to stop the Warrior. Telling the woman to stand behind him, he handed her the knife and whispered to her to remain calm. She smiled demonically at his back and grabbed the knife.

The guards halted their advance when they saw what she was doing. She raised her hand high and plunged the spiritual knife into John’s back. He looked at the point sticking out of his chest. It had gone through his heart. He fell to his knees, then to his hands. The blade did not hurt his body, but his spirit.

Screaming from a pain he had never experienced, his arms gave way and he fell to his face. Forcefully, he rolled over, only to see the woman becoming a demon. He writhed in pain as the guards picked him up and placed him on the sacrificial table, driving the knife deeper into his back. The woman said in voices not her own, “We have known about you for some time. We had suspicions that you would fall for the looks of a beautiful woman.”

“Initially I fell for your looks, but then I came to save you,” John gasped.

She laughed demonically. They all did after hearing John’s innocent words. After they stopped, the demons tightened the ropes around his frail and weak being. He struggled, but stopped when he saw he was unable to break them.

“My body maybe feeble and insubstantial,” John said, “but Jesus remains in my heart and it is He who sanctions my power!”

Six cloaked men walk towards John. They all carry a single massive ax forward. The axe is tarnished profoundly with the blood of the innocent or so it seems. They surround John to dismember him with blows to the neck, arms, torso and legs. John doesn’t panic, but in a great act of faith, he calms down. The demons see this and wonder. They quickly get angry and taunt him in an attempt to break his spirit.

John doesn’t yield.

The executioners are in position and raise the demonic weapon very high into the air. They synchronize their movements and strike right through John. In the commotion, they notice something terrible. John is unharmed! John spits on the face of one of the demons and rebukes him, “Foolish demon! It will take more than your pathetic twig to harm me!”

While refusing to lose faith in Jesus, the Christ sees his actions and reads his heart. Immediately, the Messiah empowers him with awesome skills and power. Nearly the full force of the Juggernaut Strength pours forth into his body. he cave began to rock ferociously as light explodes from his eyes and mouth. The people are taken aback at the sight and fear overwhelms them.

A thundering voice from Heaven shocked the region, “This is My beloved servant, John! In him I take great delight!”

Immediately following the announcement, the cave rocks and stones fall from the ceiling. The flock of devils cowers in fright. The sound of rushing wind screams through the air. John’s newfound power increased his body in size and stature. His weight increased to a thundering four Old Testament talents and his height to 3.53 long cubits, which translates to a six-foot being weighing three hundred pounds!

The massive muscles grew and powered themselves with Christ’s authority. The Warrior then took his ascent to become an Apocalyptic Warrior of God! When the transformation was complete, he tore the ropes to shreds. He removed the knife and crushed it to dust. John stood up slowly and everyone around him began to back away quickly...