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Author Forward for Trinidad Force - Warriors of God
The following excerpt from Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God, by John Humenik, is copyrighted © 2007 by John Humenik. All rights are reserved. Any or all of the following excerpt may not be duplicated in any format, online or offline, without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Author Forward: Trinidad Force™ Warriors of God
by author John Humenik

Forward from the Author - The Story Begins

Dedication. Before I start my compendium of this book, I dedicate this book first and foremost to the Lord God and Jesus Christ! He created the universe, all the animals, plants and humans that reside in it! He sent His Glorious and all-loving Son to die for our sins on the cross! He rose again on the third day to live and reign with us for eternity! Thank you to my family and friends, you know who you are, for it is better to be glorified and receive those rewards in Heaven! You all played a special part in forming this Warrior of God and this book! May the Lord bless you and keep you so that all may dwell in the house of the Lord forever! Finally, to my comrades who personally read through my book and decided to make more red letters than black.

The Beginning. I will like to describe how these writings became Trinidad Force - Warriors of God. The Warriors of God are apocalyptic soldiers in Christ’s army fighting against the advances of the Beast Empires. Protecting the weak, saving the righteous from death and glorifying God are a few of their tasks.

Interestingly, a book titled Tribulation Force was published during my early writings of this book. It actually shocked me when it was published. It speaks of three people gathering others to battle against the forces of darkness in the end times after the Rapture, which follows the storyline of my book. Trinidad Force didn’t come from a formation of Tribulation and Force.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how God will work with His servants when they try to get the message of salvation across to the peoples of Earth. The Warriors of God fight on the spiritual and physical planes enabling them to battle against men and demon.

History. I became a born-again Christian during the winter of 1993. The following years through turmoil, temptation, sinful ways and hardships, I became rooted in Christ. I gained a fascination for many things. I started to read Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The powerful spiritual gifts that are described in 1 Corinthians 12 initiated a strong interest within me for powers beyond this world. When I finally came to the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation and its heavily symbolic description of the end of the world, my curiosity peaked. I wanted to decipher its symbols and codes. I wanted to learn more about the ends times, especially driven by the Y2K hysteria.

I picked up a book called The Sign, a beautiful piece of work, that described in amazing detail the future events leading up to the Apocalypse, and who will participate and Christ’s final victory over death. I learned the truth about the resurrected Antichrist, the Final Beast Empire (the countries that compose it) and the actual events that will entail the last seven years of this Earth. After reading the book, in less than a month, I gathered as much information as I could. I continued to learn and digest data that depicted the end times.

The breaking point, for Trinidad Force, occurs when I come across a scripture that quotes Jesus, “For if the time [Final Seven Years] had not been cut short [Jesus returns and destroys Satan, Antichrist and the Final Beast Empire] then no life [Christian] will be saved.” That struck me.

What if Satan and Antichrist starts the final seven years earlier than originally planned, circumventing Christ’s return?

Satan and Antichrist would kill all of Christ's followers or have them bow down before them and thus win. Rather than have Jesus adjust His arrival time, I start writing a Christian adventure book about three Apocalyptic Warriors empowered above anything known to history to battle Satan and his Beast Empires.

The Warriors possess many powers. In the book, I describe their powers in great detail including their characteristics and limitations. Many times I will capitalize the first letters of the powers to make them stand out. Warriors do battle against Revelation’s three evil demonic entities, the Dragon [Satan], the Beast [Antichrist, a former Head of a Beast Empire, such as Emperor Nero], and the False Prophet [identity unknown]. As a side note, if you see the capitalized word “Warrior,” I am referring to the Apoc W.O.G., everyone else is referred to as “warriors.”

As the mastermind behind the rebellion, Satan resurrects the Antichrist and anoints him leader of the world. The Book of Revelation describes to some detail as to his identity. The False Prophet is mentioned twice or three times in Revelation and nowhere else in the Bible. I could have used various false prophets throughout history, but without any scripture backing I chose not do so.

Trinidad Force. As you read the book, you might think where I got the true identity of the Antichrist may be fiction...nothing could be farther from the truth. Even though this man was the leader of one of the Beast Empires, his legacy and the destruction he caused was and will be very real. The most note-worthy and well-known description of the Antichrist is the number 666. Some think this is Bill Gates. I find this more amusing than realistic.

Inside the book you will find the research and why the mysterious Antichrist will return and kill scores of people. Unfortunately for Israel, their nation contains millions of Jews and I believe only 144,000 of them will survive the Final Wrath of Satan.

Thus the final war begins, the Powers of Evil versus the Warriors of God. The saga unfolds into much more than a war. The battles are fought over more than Earth itself. The war is about being a god. Satan wanted to be glorified like God, so he rebelled. God, in turn, wants us as a people to love and glorify Him.

Satan wants no part of that, nor does he want us to worship God. The battles are terrible, violent and sometimes downright nasty. Remember a war with pure evil leaves no point where retribution can take place. There are no prisoners, no mercy for women and children. The fighting will kill all that is evil or good. Though various scenes in the book are offensive, these writings pale in comparison to the real world we all live in and experience everyday.

Trinidad Force - Warriors of God depicts the chapters of Revelation in a fictional, but soon to be realistic scenario that we could live to see. That’s what I think is most appealing about this book, with the millennium passing, everyone was thinking about the end of the world. Nothing occurred though, but that doesn’t stop what is destined to happen.

That’s what makes the end times so intriguing or even scary. With the Y2K hysteria, people knew and prepared for all the problems with that year and “the end of the world.” Now it has passed, the Beast Empire can rise unnoticed at any time, unknown to all. This can be more terrifying than knowing that's happening. My philosophy and belief that the word of God is written down because the events happen. Some believe events happen because they are written down.

Though this book is about war, death and total destruction of mankind, remember that the “end of the world” is really misnamed. It's not the end, it's the beginning of eternity and the perfect life for us beyond this one. Something Satan will do everything in his power to prevent.

Make no mistake about this statement: Satan possesses great power, but can't be compared to God!

Going back to the quote, “For if the time had not been cut short then no life would be saved.” Satan will try to kill all true and loyal Christians leaving behind a world of non-believers and unfaithful people. Which means victory for evil, but Christ will return to stop this from happening in our world. Yet in this writing, Satan must deal with Trinidad Force, who have been given greater power than the Archangel Michael, himself!