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Heroines Synopsis Read Chapter 1 Marelda POV

Heroines - Synopsis
Adelpha A fantasy adventure filled with romance, confrontation and suspense, Heroines – The Story Begins, follows two inspiring women set in a fictional European country, the Imperial Empire, during the year 897 AD.

A teenage girl named Adelpha, fair skinned and blonde with pale blue eyes was born with a partially deformed leg and asthmatic lungs. She faces a grim future after her parents were killed by marauders. Adelpha sets out in a seemingly hopeless world where she is a heartbeat away from meeting the same terrible end as her parents, but clinging to the hope of finding the feeling of love and safety that was so abruptly taken from her.

Marelda At the same time, the last and unexpected decree of the late Citadel king thrusts responsibility of his entire state upon his beloved warrior Marelda. Tall, tanned and auburn haired, Marelda must confront the six other Imperial monarchs who are each positioning their own state for supremacy. While the uneasy and ever shifting alliances threatens to break loose and plunge the country into a bloody civil war.

Adelpha and Marelda cross each other’s paths in a chance encounter that changes their lives forever. After Marelda single-handedly saves Adelpha’s life, the young Heroine mysteriously develops gifts fit for a battle-hardened warrior. The hopeless girl finds a chance for a family, and the lady who felt the whole world on her shoulders finds that she may not have to face her destiny alone. With Adelpha’s emerging powers, Marelda has someone that can help her unify their fractured country.

Ashem The revelation comes when Marelda must put down a revolt, led by the undefeated Imperial general Gaius who had designs on the country before the king’s death. As war reaches the Citadel’s doorstep, two fallen angels Ashem and her sister Kyvus, who nearly killed Marelda in 666 AD, have returned with a vengeance. Discovering the ancient evil was behind everything, Marelda and Adelpha engage the fallen angels and find out their adversaries are not easily defeated. Suddenly, the Heroines face a grim reality that they must use more than their powers to stop Ashem and Kyvus from taking over their world.