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Heroines Synopsis Read Chapter 1 Marelda POV

Heroines Backstory - Marelda's Point of View
Marelda “No! King Orlando, don’t die!”
“My beloved Marelda, don’t worry everyth…” Just before he passes, the king hands over his last decree to her.
She reads, “I announce that Marelda will be my heir to the throne, the queen of the Citadel!”

Astonished, Marelda wonders, “How can this be? This wasn’t supposed to happen. I come from another land. My ancestors are farmers. I’m a warrior, not a royal!

How do I face the six other monarchs? My powers are meant for war, not politics. Their city-states are formidable and they are all feuding. I fear a civil war will be upon us. My instincts tell me that General Gaius, the commander of the Imperial army, will prepare a rebellion if he finds out that he won’t be king.

It only gets worse. I know who's behind their schemes even if Gaius and the monarchs don't know it. My ancient foes, the fallen angels Ashem and her sister Kyvus. The crisis will boil over if I don’t stop them. But I can’t, the last time we fought in the year 666, they won. If I wasn’t immortal, I would’ve died. Now what do I do, if I don’t find an answer soon, Ashem and Kyvus will take over my people, my world.”