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Heroines Synopsis Read Chapter 1 Marelda POV

Heroines - The Story Begins
NOTE: I'm actively seeking representation for Heroines, contact me if there is interest.

Heroines Heroines - When Marelda reads the dying decree of her beloved king propelling her, a foreigner with no royal lineage, to the Citadel throne; she finds herself in the unfamiliar political waters that have become her new battleground, where her formidable powers are useless.

Set in the year 897, during the dusk of the Dark Ages, the Imperial country has six other independent city-states with feuding monarchs that threaten to push the once closely knit society to the brink of civil war. Fueled by the king’s decree, the ambitious Imperial general Gaius leads a rebellion that forces Marelda to confront a grave and personal enemy.

The crisis hits a boiling point as Gaius and the monarchs discover that they have been the puppets of two fallen angels, Ashem and her sister Kyvus, who used their dreams of grandeur against them for their own sinister desires. Barely surviving their last encounter in 666 AD, Marelda confronts her ancient enemies head on and they easily defeat her. Desperately scrambling for answers, Marelda must find another way to stop Ashem and Kyvus before they take over her world.