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John 3:16

Dark Phalanx - The Rise of the Antichrist
NOTE: This book is currently in development.

Dark Phalanx Dark Phalanx - is the second book in the Trinidad Force Chronicles that immediately follows the events of Trinidad Force.

As Stephen, who barely escapes alive from a battle with the resurrected Antichrist discovers in that dramatic encounter he’s been blessed with the powers of the Apocalyptic Warriors of God, this once normal man confronts a bleak future that has made him the primary target of the Antichrist’s elite hunters.

Still developing his gifts, Stephen goes on the run from the Archdemons, who have been dispatched to kill the Warrior before his powers mature and make him an immortal. In the wake of the hunt, Stephen's beautiful fiancée Alexis and their families lie directly in the path of the Antichrist's rage.

Soon after the hunt begins, the Archdemons arrive upon Alexis’ doorstep, ready to slaughter everyone in sight. What happens next turns the world on its head and shocks everyone involved to their core.