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Windows Phone 8 Secures #3 Spot in Smartphone Market
While I've been writing about the emergence of Windows Phone, the recent analytical data has shown Microsoft’s commitment to the platform is starting to pay dividends. This point was further reinforced by various articles about Phone 8 taking over the #2 spot, behind Android, in Latin America, many European and Asian nations.

Within the ever important US market, it’s clear with Blackberry’s recent ‘Up for Sale’ sign, that Phone 8 has solidified itself as the #3 player in the space. The duopoly of Android and iOS is starting to show signs that Android finally pulling away, leaving only Phone 8 to buck the negative growth trend and capture market share.

Rumors are swirling around that Apple will be releasing a low cost iPhone during their September 10th event. This further solidifies Microsoft’s and Nokia’s strategy that attacking the low end market is a popular and profitable area to focus their energies on.

No matter what the pundits say, Google, Apple and Microsoft will continue to pour billions of dollars in this growing market. Another recent article stated that smartphones finally outpace the dumb-phone sales for the first time ever.

I’m looking forward to Nokia’s phablet, the Nokia 1020 expanding onto Verizon and Sprint. Another article shows Samsung (who famously shied away from Phone 8) growing and gaining market share over HTC. This only bodes well for the market in general. If Microsoft pushes Apple and Google to make better products, and vice versa, we the consumer only benefit in the end.