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Family and Community
In my previous blog entry, Independence vs. Dependence, I covered how we can become more independent through our dependence on Christ. While looking to expand on that topic, I’ve noticed a quiet trend in the US, particularly in the suburbs of major cities.

Many of you probably noticed this too. That is: coupled with social networking, the sense of family and community has transformed from our traditional roots. People, encompassing neighbors, family and friends, used to spend time with one another.

Remember those days when you could walk over someone’s house without having to call and setup an appointment? They weren’t swamped with activities that consumed their weeknights and every weekend till Christmas.

Now, these same people (my family included) no longer have the free time that we once enjoyed. The availability and breadth of children activities can overwhelm even the most ardent scheduler.

Lost in this cycle of fun, educational programs and goings-on has been our sense of community. The fellowship of friends and supporters have changed. Through this we’ve become more dependent on things that were never designed to support us.

We all should take a step back and take a breath. Look around in our social network and see who’s in need. Maybe that person or family needs someone to listen to their problems. Some may need advice, others just want to cut loose and have fun. The early Christians, looked to Christ and one another for support, because they had no one else.

Today we have a lot options available to us. Let’s stop depending on external forces and make one another our first line of support. Doing that will change more than just our family, it will change the community we live in.