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Sticky Faith – Letting Go
This 8th blog entry marks the last and final installment that highlights the countless hours of research and thought put into the Sticky Faith book. Evangelizing the story has helped me come to a better understanding of how to develop a lasting and persevering faith in my children. I pray that it will do the same for yours.

The final chapter sets the stage for parents to expect the unexpected. When children mature, their dependence on us and our faith, will diminish. They will begin to develop their own faith that directly links them to Christ. We have to be prepared that their path will most likely be different than our own.

During this time, children will stumble and make mistakes. Their faith will waver or possibly disappear altogether. In order for our kids to have a lasting connection to Christ, they must develop their own faith with Christ. Otherwise it will not last.

While our children are navigating these uncharted waters, parents need to be prepared to give unconditional support to their children. Our children will face many obstacles. Differences with us, friends and their own opinions, society, and much more. Being there as they experience these challenges will only strengthen their resolve.

We can start the unconditional support with relentless love. When our kids lie, steal, curse, disappoint us, and fail to live up to our expectations, we need to unleash a fire hose of love. Make sure we drench them, every inch of them.

Next thing would be to keep your faith. If we waver, our kids will notice and they may soon follow. If needed, spend more time with Christ through prayer. If your church has prayer teams, add the entire family to their list.

Another important factor is to build a lasting friendship with your children. They should be your best friends. You should tell them and show it to them. Sometimes being a friend is more important than being a parent. Dads shouldn’t try to solve every problem their children have. Mothers should stop and listen.

Finally, at some point in time you will have to release your children to Christ. You have to trust in the Lord to protect and care for them. This may end up being the most difficult step of all. We have to be ready to let go and let Christ carry them forward. Then and only then, will their faith stick to them no matter what challenges they may encounter in life.

Sticky Faith