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Sticky Faith – Biblical Justice
In my sixth blog entry discussing the various methods of Sticky Faith, I tackle the difficult meaning to the word ‘Justice’. Please don’t confuse the traditional definition of justice, one that revolves around the law and prison, with the Biblical term.

Biblical Justice is an extension of service and missions. The book’s example of a homeless person is probably the easiest explanation: When you run into a homeless man and give him a drink of water, that’s an act of service. Biblical Justice goes further by asking three questions, ‘What’s preventing him from getting his own drink of water? How can we help him do it on his own? Once he can provide for himself, how can we show him how to teach others to do the same?’

When our kids learn that missions and biblical justice are acts that service other people, their faith in Christ grows. Almost as important, these acts doesn’t necessarily have to involve needy and poor people. Sometimes, the rich and powerful need it more.

While I’ve never participated in a mission trip that required travel, almost everyone that I’ve spoken to says this, “We went down to help these poor people and instead they helped us grow closer to God.” This is what biblical justice is all about.

Compared to talking and reading, kids retain so much more from their experiences. Justice, reaching out and helping others and teaching them to do the same, builds a strong mission oriented foundation within our kids. That mission can be to a faraway country or a local soup kitchen. It can even be a visit to a wealthy family who doesn’t know Christ. As our kids develop justice in other people’s lives, the sense of church community becomes real and their impact on that community is felt by everyone in a positive way.

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