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Sticky Faith – Create a Sticky Web around all Kids
One of the paramount tenets of Sticky Faith is inclusion. Inclusion in the Kingdom of Christ, inclusion to a strong family unit, inclusion into a loving and deeply involved church family. Children develop a deeper relationship with Christ when other people than their parents take a sincere interest in their lives, even if it’s just a simple conversation on Sunday morning, such as, “How are things?”

Remember the days when you were a kid and there was a dinner table for adults and one for the children? That separation gave those adults an excuse to place walls in between them and the children. How much better would it have been if some adults sat at the kids table and some kids at adult table? Even more so, how about parents sitting with other families’ children and vice versa?

Preteens and young kids are heavily influenced by the big brother and big sister in their lives. That brother or sister may not be a relative or even someone in their school or church, it could even be a neighbor. Young kids need teenagers to care for them. Teenagers in turn develop a stronger connection to Christ when caring for young kids.

The same can be said for teenagers. Having adults take the time to talk to them, spend time with them can be an invaluable experience for them. This Sticky Web covers multiple families covering multiple sets of children. The more the better. Think about the ratios given to teachers and kids in school, like 1:10, 1:25. Imagine if that was reversed and 10 adults cared for 1 child. How impactful would that be on that one child? With a strong church family that can easily become a reality.

In the authors’ research, this topic of creating a Sticky Web around all the children, where everyone’s family is involved is an important topic in Sticky Faith. Next time you have an opportunity to lend a hand or just have a short conversation with a teenager or a child, watch how the child’s face lights up when you take an interest. Their reaction will amaze you.

Sticky Faith