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Sticky Faith – Conversations with Your Kids
During the course of a week, how many times have you, as parents, spoken to your kids about faith in Jesus Christ? Outside of church and church activities, it’s probably not as high as we’d all want it to be. In this fourth installment of Sticky Faith, I’ll explore the conversations we should be having with our children about faith and how to be more opportunistic with those conversations.

Depending on the age of our children, talking to them about faith can be tricky. As children age, we may find it easier (or harder) to talk to them about Christ. What we do know, more parents that speak to their children about Christ, tend to have their faith stick to them.

Children will at some point doubt their faith. Questions will arise in their minds that they may not feel comfortable talking about like, ‘Does God really exist?’, ‘Does God really love me?’ and ‘Is Christianity true and the only way to God?’ It’s important to understand that convincing them of faith will tend to cause more friction and may backfire. Giving your opinion, is a different matter.

When talking about tough subjects like the questions above, start with the scriptures. The Bible contains a wealth of information on every subject that needs to be covered. I also recommend using a modern translation like NET (New English Translation) or NIV. King James and other variants are fine, but unless you’re a linguist the verses will take more effort to understand. Don’t be afraid to use other modern books by Christian authors. Sometimes reading someone’s perspective can be enlightening.

Once the conversation starts, do more listening than talking. If given the opportunity, children like to pour out their feelings onto their parents. If you have to interrupt, use it to prod further and ask a deeper question. Children may be reluctant to talk at first; once started it can be an excellent opportunity to share your faith and experiences with them. And those experiences will strengthen their faith in Christ.

Sticky Faith