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Sticky Faith – Who am I?
Growing up our children will struggle with the question "Who am I?" and "What defines me?" While they remain in the confines of home, we as parents will shape those answers. Then, as high school, college and adulthood become a reality, it will be up to our kids to answer those for themselves.

Our identity as adults developed over the years. Work, relationships, family, friends have influenced the self portrait we've painted. Our children will be no different.

Think about the teacher who told you could achieve anything you set your mind to, or the cousin who went out of their way to spend more quality time with you. These defining moments helped shape your identity.

Adolescence, which many scholars believe only came into existence just over a hundred years ago, is the time our children will start to define who they are. That defining phase will vary from a few years to possibly lasting into their late twenties.

While that time may span longer than any parent is willing to endure, it's critical that we prepare our children for it. Also, It's a messy process requiring parents to be patient as children show signs of maturity with flashes of child-like behavior.

We as parents need to build 'social capital' into our children to strengthen their ties to Christ. Find family and/or friends to walk life together. Share in each others activities (Birthdays, weddings, school plays, sports, etc.) Support each other with prayers, kind words, time together and much more.

If your children see how healthy and faithful relationships are meant to be, they will carry that same faith forward through school and into adulthood trusting in Christ to guide and accompany them along the journey.

Sticky Faith