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Let Summer Begin!
Ok, I know that summer starts on Friday and today’s Wednesday. Who wouldn’t be excited to look forward to summer after an extended winter wiped out most of spring?

Things are looking up this year. Usually by now, the news outlets fill their websites with stories of gloom and doom. The economy this…and the government that.

This year has been filled with a lot enjoyable surprises. We’ve seen the launches of the next generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the venerable Xbox One. The economy continues to grow at a steady pace. People are finding new jobs and the market for qualified workers remains strong.

The US continues to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and there seems to be no sign, after leaving Iraq in December 2011, that our troops will need to go back. While the situation in Syria seems to be tipping towards the Syrian government, I just pray that conflict comes to a peaceful end. I hope that the country doesn’t become the next terrorist haven.

That aside, we still have six more months in 2013 to enjoy. School’s out, all the spring sports are finished. Summer sports like golfing, swimming, and fishing are in session! If your recent summers have been enveloped by non-family activities, try to make sure that will not be case this summer. Plan on enjoying any time you can spend with family and friends and do it as often as possible.

Kiss and hug your children. Love every moment you spend with your parents. Treasure any time you have with your siblings and cousins. Pray for our country, our world that Christ will grace the people with His love and His joy! So everyone can experience true and lasting peace.

Pittsburgh in the Summer