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Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 sales surge in Q1 2013
With the first quarter sales coming out, there happens to be a lot of good news for the Softies from Redmond. IDC has been reporting that Windows Phone 8 has outsold iPhone in 7 markets and have reached the “critical 10% in multiple markets” and continue to gain ground on both Android and iPhone in the all-important US market.

While there are a lot of various reports, Gartner, Kantar, IDC, etc. they all show a common theme. Windows Phone 8 has grown on average by 20% YoY (Year over Year). iPhone sales are flat to declining, Android has shown all three (declining, flat and slightly growing %’s) and Blackberry falling off the planet.

Verizon will be launching the Nokia’s flagship 928 in the coming weeks. T-Mobile will be following suit with their own variant. Nokia has the lion’s share of the Windows Phone 8 market, hovering around 80—85%. HTC has second place with a double-digit share with everyone else in the low singles.

You can expect Windows Phone 8 to continue their steady climb up. Many analysts expect they should have 20% share by the end of 2014. At the pace they are climbing this seems a very realistic goal.

Looking over the aisle to Windows 8, the Surface Pro continues to amaze with its market penetration. Amazon Kindle took the world by storm around 18 months ago. Their sales were so impressive they came out with 4 new tablet variants last holiday season.

In the same 6 months, Microsoft Surface has gained nearly 50% on the Kindle. As Microsoft expands the Surface Pro sales into various markets, you can be rest assured that those sales will skyrocket.

Microsoft has been rumored to be looking at a 7” tablet and 5”+ Windows Phone. More profiles, more options and more markets will translate to deeper penetrations.

Intel spoke about tablets running their new processors will be around $200. If WinTel is able to pull off a $200-$300 tablet PC that runs Office 2013, touch/pen and has that awesome cover-keyboard, no competitor will have a solution to match.

2013 Q1 Smartphone Sales