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Easter - The Greatest Day in History
The week of Passover started with Christ’s highly celebrated entrance into the city of Jerusalem. A culmination of three years of ministry, Christ came to the city of Prophets with one purpose in mind: To conquer all that’s evil and free us all from slavery and death.

During the first week of Easter (circa 30 AD) showed so much promise for the young Christians. They got to personally know the King of the Universe. So many of them believed that Christ was entering the city to free them from the terrible Roman occupation. They thought that Christ was ready to start His kingdom on earth.

Enter Good Friday. His trial, the unmerciful beatings, the humiliation and ultimate death on the cross. In a span of less than a week that all changed. One of Jesus’ closest brothers, Simon Peter, denied Him three times. Judas Iscariot was personally responsible for betraying Jesus, then he hung himself. All the disciples ran for their lives, except John and the Mary’s.

Christ’s entire flock must have been in total disbelief. No prophet of old had ever done the things He did. His love transcended the rich and the poor. He fed thousands with a few loaves and fish. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He calmed storms, both physical and personal ones. Even demons that He exorcised proclaimed Him the Son of God.

I could imagine that the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter had to be longest day of their lives. The pain would have be unimaginable. Then dawn broke on Sunday morning…

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