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Good Friday
One of the pinnacle moments within the Christian faith occurred on Good Friday. Marking the culmination of three years of ministry, highlighted by the Passover (and thus freedom from the ultimate death), Christ was crucified on a cross.

Many will argue who was ultimately responsible for Christ’s death. In my opinion, that point is relevant and serves no purpose. What matters to us was Christ, a living, breathing God, sacrificed Himself for us.

Think about that statement for a moment.

Other gods, all false idols, want us to bear the responsibility. They desire us to put them in the limelight, follow their words or even worship them. Some of these false gods are unworthy people that spout lies and twist the truth to suit their whims. Some desire our money, our bodies and others have even more sinister desires.

Christ took the low road. He walked the walk with us. He bled when we bleed. He hurt when we hurt. He cried when we wept. He is a God that was willing to bear the weight of the world on His shoulders. He refused to take the easy way out.

Christ has the power to do whatever He so chooses. He and His Father set this all in motion the moment Adam and Eve succumbed to original sin. Christ is all powerful. So powerful in fact, that forgiveness of sin didn’t need a sacrifice. Christ has the power to choose another way.

He didn’t.

Christ and His Father actions speak volumes. They make statements. Some we never see. Some that have an everlasting effect on the world.

An all-powerful God, who created the universe in 6 days, decided that if He died for us. We, a feeble, broken, faithless race, would find hope, joy, love and ultimate salvation by His sacrifice. A sacrifice that has a permanent lasting effect on the universe. We know that we have a future beyond our failings. A future that extends beyond death. A future that no one can take from us.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, nothing can separate us from God. Not distance from our home, not pain, not suffering, not even death can keep us from Him. The Father gave all authority to Christ. With that authority He freed us from sin and death by willingly sacrificing Himself on the cross, almost two thousand years ago.

Why? So we can spend eternity in heaven free from all the pains of this world with Him...forevermore.

Christ on Cross