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First day of spring
Today is the first day of spring. By now, all your New Years resolutions are in the past, Easter is around the corner and you're probably wondering what's new on the upcoming horizon. Spring is clearly a metaphor for a new beginning.

Spring represents an opportunity to move forward in life and leave behind the cold, stark history behind. As many of you struggle with various afflictions (health, financial, emotional and mental), understand that Christ continues to pour a living love into our broken, dark lives.

We might not notice it at first. Sometimes it can be so subtle, like a friend who calls you out of the blue. Or a family member that gives you an extra long hug. Look and be aware of the signs, they are everywhere.

Sometimes Christ's love slams our hearts! Maybe your spouse 'springs' a surprise gift on you. Dinner suddenly appears on the table, kids listen and go to bed on time. Coworkers, bosses get along and you get to leave work a half an hour early.

We are fast approaching the greatest day in human history. A day that marks the Resurrection of Christ. Christmas and all other holiday's pale in comparison. Just like the cherry blossoms of DC burst full of life, Christ's death on the cross guarantees life everlasting. A life where all your afflictions, all your tears are wiped clean...forever.

Cherry Blossom Washington DC