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Prequel to Holy Week
As we approach the upcoming, and early Easter celebration this year, I'm reminded once again about the overflowing grace the Lord God bestows upon us. Grace, being defined as God's love that surrounds us and occurs before (and after) all of our decisions, is a powerful testament to God. Think about it. God loves us 'before' we know anything, we know him and is persistent. Thus, even after we sin and fall, He's still there loving us, caring for us.

God's love emanates all around us. We feeble minded humans struggle to understand what affect this grace and love have in our lives. We challenge those constructs easily when things go awry. We wonder why children suffer and die of diseases, hunger, abuse and neglect. We say only bad things happen to good people and bad people get away with everything.

We see the poor being outcast in our society. Our youth grow up with addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex and so much more. Our elderly are discarded, useless people who drive slow, can't see and only get in our way of a normal life.

Through it all, God's grace remains constant. We find it so easy to forget all the wonderful good that's happened. Like those wonderful hours spent with our children as they grow up. Their first words, the first time they call us 'daddy' or 'mommy'. We forget how our parents sacrificed their lives for us. How they work their hands to the bone so we can get a chance a better life. And seeing us succeed, even if it's just a bit better than their successes, can bring an tremendous sense of satisfaction that they did the right things.

Grace enables us to see the bridge that Christ paved with his broken body. Grace shows the lines of the road painted with Christ's blood. And the finish line, won with His triumph over death. That's what grace is all about. No matter how hard or terrible your life is, was or going to be, Christ is right there next to you. Walking the walk with you, surrounding you with His love when we need it the most.

He's ready to carry your burdens on His back and place His yoke on us because it's light enough for us to bear. That's God's Grace.