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Windows Phone 8 doesn't need apps, it has it all!
I’ve found the entire experience of using my Windows Phone 8 to be superior to my nearly two years using Android. The biggest knock on Windows Phones are they don’t have as many applications (120k) as iPhone (700k) and Android (900k) does. After using my Windows Phone 8 for about a week, here’s my response to that statement, “Who cares.”

The primary reason behind my statement is WinPh8 already has most of the applications people use every day built in. The other phones don’t. For the longest time people wrote applications in the iOS and Android ecosystems because those phones were deficient in everything.

Here’s a quick summary of all the built in applications that cover 95% of what people use every day.

The People application syncs with every major social networking application, sans Google+. Want Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other feeds in one place…done. Want to setup public and private Rooms and Groups that people can join and enjoy…done.

Integrated email application that works with all major email services, integrated calendar with people support. The messaging application is unbelievable. It works as a text messaging, instant messaging, VOIP messaging hub. I was chatting with someone the other day while he was on his Skype account, while talking with other people on their cell phones via text messaging. Works perfectly.

Camera application has tons of built in features to manage, post, share, edit and sync to the cloud. Skydrive integration is the best I’ve seen so far. Take a picture, it’s up on your cloud drive. Create, edit and manage a Word doc on Skydrive, easy as pie. Office integration is another huge built in app.

I could go on and on, Maps, Photos, Store, Music, Videos, the XBox app is incredible! OneNote, local scout, Data Sense, IE 10 compresses data to save on limited data plans. Even the Wallet app is the best NFC eWallet application I’ve seen.

Here’s the killer part. If you need to exchange, upgrade or change your Windows Phone for another one. It pulls down ALL your settings, ALL your applications, sets EVERYTHING back up as it was. I know, we had to go through that process this week. We wrote down all the apps thinking we needed to reinstall them. The wireless rep, did nothing. I did nothing. The phone self-configured itself and we never did anything.

Yeah, iPhone and Android have 1,600k apps. I would be bet all but a few are really worth having. On WinPh8, you already have everything you need and more.

Windows Phone 8