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Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark?
I get this question a lot from people. If the world was only 6000 years old, then Noah would have surely taken dinosaurs onto the ark. I won’t claim to know if they were considered clean (take 7 pairs onto the ark) or unclean (only 2 pairs), but Noah did take dinosaurs onto the ark.

One argument I’ve heard was, “Dinosaurs were too big to fit on the ark and there wasn’t enough space for them and their food.” My response to this question is quite simple. Noah took young animals on board. Why would he take mature animals? They eat more, they’ll don’t live as long and therefore bear less children. One side note, there was a discussion recently about the space needed to have every animal (not every variant) on the ark, even with full grown animals, including dinosaurs, there was plenty of space.

Another question I get revolves around, “Why don’t we see them anymore? If the world happens to be so young, then dinosaurs would be everywhere.” My retort to that happens to be same for the American Wolf, American Lion and the various bears that roam the world. Humans drove them out and/or to extinction. When the colonists settled the US, there was over 3 million bison in this country. How many are there now?

History has a long documented them. People didn’t call them dinosaurs until around 1841/2 when Sir Richard Owen coined the name. Before that, they were commonly referred to as dragons. We see this because the King James Version of the bible speaks of dragons and was written hundreds of years before the name dinosaur was coined.

In addition, there are thousands of stories in various cultures about dragons and sea monsters. Job 40:15 talks about Behemoth. If you read the passage, you can picture a Brachiosaurus. Later on he talks about Leviathan, which easily could be a Plesiosaur or other sea faring dinosaur.

There are so many pictures from ancient societies that accurately depict dinosaurs. Why else would the Chinese have eleven real animals and put one fictional dragon in their calendar? Because the dragon was really a dinosaur.

These pictures below are the strongest evidence yet. Especially the Ice Burial Stones from Ica, Peru.

Hierakonpolis Dragon
Hierakonpolis Dragon

Babylon Dragon
Babylon Dragon

Ice Burial Stones Ica Peru T-Rex
Ice Burial Stones of Ica, Peru (Sure does look a like a T-Rex)

Ice Burial Stones Ica Peru Triceratops
Another Ice Burial Stone, this one looks like a triceratops