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Day after Christmas
In Matthew chapter 2, we find the wise men approaching Herod and ultimately the baby Jesus after his birth. In this time, his birth caught many people by surprise. The chief priests, keepers of the law and other knowledgeable religious folks failed to see the signs that were before them.

The wise men, who many regard as the most intelligent people of their time or at least the ones with their eyes open, saw the star in the sky that shown the way to Christ. While there has been much debate on what that star was, it led the wise men directly to Jesus. It was also very common during this time for people to be strong proponents of astrology and relentlessly studying the stars.

In many ways, Christ will do that in our lives. He places signs, many in plain sight, in how we should lead our lives. People can go throughout the day without noticing them. We should only be so lucky to be like the wise men and see the signs as they appear so we too may find our way to Christ.

Christmas Star